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Support my work via Ko-fi

I’ve recently set up a Ko-fi for anyone who would like to support me for time I put into disability-related education, consultation, sensitivity reading/editing, and/or research I do on a daily basis. I have future plans to start a Patreon account once I am able to commit to a consistent work schedule.

This decision does not come lightly. The hours I spend on this work borders on a full-time job for me, and I work without compensation. Under our current system of capitalism, my time and energy are valuable commodities requiring compensation. Until I reach a point in my life where I am qualified to formally teach on this topic, I am unable to earn a proper income for the services I provide.

I’m grateful for all the support from my friends and online acquaintances, monetary or otherwise. If you’re able, please consider supporting me so I can continue to create new work and write on topics pertaining to Disability awareness.

Ko-fi available at this link: Ko-fi.com/sbsmith