INTRODUCING: Crip Tax Project

For one year, I plan to document every item I purchase that falls under the category of a crip tax on my Instagram page with the hashtag #CripTaxProject. I will note the item(s) and price, as well as keep track of the year-to-date total with each new entry. At the end of the year, I’ll share the tax total and the number of items purchased.

A “crip tax” is the price disabled people have to pay for health and symptom management, accommodation, accessibility, etc. Purchases may be for medical items, medication and so on not covered under insurance plans. Crip tax also refers to fees incurred for ensuring accommodation needs are met (eg. extra fees for hotel rooms that are accessible, or extra charges for concert tickets with disabled seating).

Being disabled is hella expensive! I hope that through this activist archival project, others will come to understand the economic disparities disabled people are stuck with.

Click here to follow me on Instagram and keep up with the project!

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