About Me

Hello there! I’m a third year Creative Writing major and Sociology minor student at Vancouver Island University (VIU). I work as the Social Media Specialist for Navigator Student Press and a Gallery Assistant for The View Gallery, and I’m the Editorial Intern for Rebel Mountain Press’ forthcoming Disabled Voices Anthology. I also co-chair the student-led Disability Club on campus with two close friends of mine. As well, I am the 2018/19 Creative Writing Department Student Representative at VIU. I have a lot going on right now!

Outside work and school, I can often be found writing, drawing, or baking. I’m pretty active within the online Disability community, and strive to keep up-to-date with conversations around accessibility, allyship, ableism and the like. When I have some free time, you might even catch me devouring the latest issue of Bitch.

This ePortfolio website showcases my past achievements, current projects, professional ideals, and future goals. I hope it will help the viewer understand my work, and even help keep me on track with goals by reminding me what’s most important to me.

As an adolescent, I was interested in various activist causes including environmentalism and LGBTQ+ rights. As an adult, I’ve become particularly interested in Disability awareness, rights and justice. Over the past couple years, I have connected with others in the online Disability community, learning much with regards to access, rights and allyship. I have helped found the student-led Disability Club at my university in hopes of connecting the community in my town.

With the Disability Club executives team, I have been invited to engage with, assist and critique the efforts of the new Universal Access Committee (UAC) at VIU. The UAC was created in an effort to make VIU more accessible for disabled students and employees. At our first meeting with the UAC, Director of Facilities and Vice President administrators, I presented a 3-page list comprised of access issues at VIU that my executives team was able to come up with “off the tops of our heads.” The meeting lasted around three hours.

Ultimately, I am committed to creating a more accessible environment or encouraging access improvements everywhere I go. At VIU, I refuse to hold back on calling for access improvements and have seen most of my suggestions met with sincerity. At Navigator Student Press, I have mandated new requirements for social media accessibility with the approval of my Managing Editor. With encouragement from the Curator, I am currently considering access improvements that could be made at The View Gallery.

To me, professionalism means setting goals and working hard (often with others) to achieve and maintain said goals. Through university and work experience, I have discovered I am loyal to my cause and reliable in getting work done. I’m at my professional best when my various projects and tasks crossover and I’m able to connect certain aspects together to learn or create something new. I handle professional dilemmas by first prioritizing work chronologically, then proceeding to prioritize work by order of importance if needed. I deal with disappointment by moving onto new projects, learning from them, and perhaps revisiting old work after reimagining or reframing it.

I’m interested in being a professional in my field so I can help contribute to Disability education and awareness. As a person with multiple invisible disabilities, I believe I have a unique perspective to offer the conversation around Disability. I think I can illustrate to others understand the fact that Disability is a spectrum rather than something to understood as black and white.