About Me

Hello there! I’m a third year Creative Writing major and Sociology minor student at Vancouver Island University (VIU). I work as the Social Media Specialist for Navigator Student Press and a Gallery Assistant for The View Gallery, and I’m the Editorial Intern for Rebel Mountain Press’ forthcoming Disabled Voices Anthology. I also co-chair the student-led Disability Club on campus with two close friends of mine. As well, I am the 2018/19 Creative Writing Department Student Representative at VIU. I have a lot going on right now!

Outside work and school, I can often be found writing, drawing, or baking. I’m pretty active within the online Disability community, and strive to keep up-to-date with conversations around accessibility, allyship, ableism and the like. When I have some free time, you might even catch me devouring the latest issue of Bitch.

As an adolescent, I was interested in various activist causes including environmentalism and LGBTQ+ rights. As an adult, I’ve become particularly interested in Disability awareness, rights and justice. Over the past couple years, I have connected with others in the online Disability community, learning much with regards to access, rights and allyship. I have helped found the student-led Disability Club at my university in hopes of connecting the community in my town.

Ultimately, I am committed to creating a more accessible environment or encouraging access improvements everywhere I go. At VIU, I refuse to hold back on calling for access improvements and have seen most of my suggestions met with sincerity. At Navigator Student Press, I have mandated new requirements for social media accessibility with the approval of my Managing Editor. I have also advocated for inclusivity improvements within the Creative Writing Department and have had my suggestions adopted for the current program review.

I hope to help contribute to Disability education and awareness. As a person with multiple invisible disabilities, I believe I have a unique perspective to offer the conversation around Disability. I think I can illustrate to others understand the fact that Disability is a spectrum rather than something to understood as black and white.