Since I just got married, my 10-year plan is currently under construction! However, I do have some non-negotiable goals that I plan to work into the joint 10-year plan my partner and I will craft together. These non-negotiables include personal- and educational-focused goals.

My first educational goal is to finish my Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing and Sociology at VIU. I would like to begin a Master’s and eventually pursue a PhD. There are some graduate programs I’m interested in studying, but I am not yet decided on which ones to apply for. I think I would like to focus on Disability Studies, however Canada has few options for studying the theoretical and cultural aspects of Disability rather than the practical. Ideally, I would like to have a job that’s related to my interests and passions but my backup plan is to find a job with a stable income so that I can continue creative and academic projects outside of work time.

The only personal goal I can currently focus on is moving away from Nanaimo. For various reasons, living in Nanaimo is a hindrance to many aspects of my personal life including my mental health, and I feel as though I have very few opportunities to pursue my career aspirations or passions in this town. I have come to the conclusion that moving away is something that would positively impact me in so many areas, that it’s near impossible to begin working on other personal goals before achieving this one. Moving out of Nanaimo is the last of the goals I set for myself as a teenager, and I often find it hard to plan many next steps while still living here.