VIU Graduate Attributes

Individual attribute no. 1: Written Communications (Literacies pillar)

I acquired written communication skills through my Creative Writing major at VIU. With the essay writing, learning various forms and genres of creative writing, and through communications with other VIU professionals (ie. professors, staff, students, etc.), I have both gained a deeper understanding of the importance of written communication and improved my skills drastically.

Individual attribute no. 2: Critical Thinking (Intellectual and Practical Skills pillar)

I have acquired critical thinking skills in various ways at VIU. First, I improved my critical thinking by learning from professors about ways of understanding. I have learned that historical context, cultural perspectives and political frameworks are key in fully understanding new information. Group discussions have been important for helping me understand new information, and every professor’s willingness to discuss and answer my questions on topics has been extremely beneficial to my learning.

Individual attribute no. 3: Integrative Learning (Civic Engagement pillar)

By studying the widely differing disciplines of visual art, sociology, english and creative writing, I have come to understand the benefit of integrative learning. Through extracurricular learning and activities such as reading, workshops, panels, demonstrations/protests and clubs, I’ve also come to understand the importance of learning in community with others.  All the various skills, knowledge and understanding I have acquired in my time at VIU have helped me grow both personally and professionally.

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